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From Nov 20, 2018:

Bono appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live's (RED) Shopathon


For the third consecutive year, Bono appeared Monday night on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live! program as the show hosted its (RED) Shopathon. The show features Kimmel and a variety of celebrities doing comedy skits and song performances while also selling (RED) products to raise money for the fight against AIDS.

As the co-founder of (RED), Bono was a central figure in the show again this year. He did a duet with Pharrell -- a lounge-style cover of the Bee Gees'"Stayin' Alive." At the end of the show, Bono was part of the all-star singalong on "We're Going To Hell," a tongue-in-cheek song that Kimmel and his guests have done for the past three years. Video of both performances are below.

Here's our Tours page recapping the night.

Bono also revealed that he's partnering with Lady Gaga on this year's special fundraising contest for (RED). Bono and Gaga will write a song about the contest winner, who will also get an autographed copy of the lyrics. Every $$10 donation counts as one entry. Get more information at

(One interesting note to share: At about the 4:00 mark of the first video below, Bono seems to be hinting that he's planning to be less visible on shows like this, if not in the larger (RED)/AIDS movement as a whole. He tells Kimmel, "you probably won't see me sitting here talking about the (RED) emergency for too much longer, it'll be a woman sitting here.")

The two song videos are below, but first is the video of Bono explaining the contest to Kimmel -- his part begins at the 2:50 mark.

From Nov 16, 2018:

Bono sings on 'Homeward Bound' charity single


Bono is one of several Irish music all-stars to appear on "Homeward Bound," a new charity single that supports three Irish organizations working with the homeless -- the Peter McVerry Trust, Simon Community Ireland and Focus Ireland. The performers appear under the name Street Lights, and a full album with additional cover songs will be released on December 7th. The album will include songs by performers who aren't on "Homeward Bound."

According to the Irish Times, Bono recorded his contribution at home last Friday, November 9, a few hours before U2 played its third of four shows in Dublin.

The single is available for digital streaming/purchase now on several major platforms. You can listen to it below.

From Nov 16, 2018:

LISTEN: @U2 Podcast #90 - It's Not Over, They Didn't Play 40!


The E+I tour has come to an end. :-( On our latest podcast, good friend Caroline Von B joins Sherry and Chris to chat about the Dublin shows and the last concert in Berlin. They also discuss other U2 news and rumors -- and a special guest joins along the way, too. This episode runs just over an hour.

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@U2 Podcast #90 - It's Not Over, They Didn't Play 40!

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From Nov 15, 2018:

Bono to Appear on Kimmel Live (RED) Benefit Show

- Bono will join Jimmy Kimmel for the third consecutive year on his annual Jimmy Kimmel Live! show to benefit (RED). The program will air on Nov. 19 in advance of World AIDS Day on Dec. 1 and feature Bono and other celebrities such as Kristen Bell and Chris Rock sharing products for purchase that will benefit the organization. No word yet on whether or not Bono will perform, like he did last year as Mr. MacPhisto. Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs on ABC.

From Nov 13, 2018:

U2 Set List: Berlin, Nov. 13, 2018


The Experience + Innocence Tour is over. The last show in Berlin put an end to the cycle of the Songs Of Innocence and Songs Of Experience albums. "People came from all over the world, these crazy U2 fans," Bono said.

This gig was the one rescheduled after Bono lost his voice on Aug. 31, so it had an extra portion of emotion. "Last time we stood here I could not sing that song, and you sang it for us. Thank you. Thank you for coming back," Bono said at the end of "Beautiful Day."

The show was recorded for a future release. There were lots of cameras in the arena, and the band rehearsed the night before. The set list included "Gloria" and "Dirty Day."

Brian Eno was present at the show. Bono thanked him for his work during the recording of Achtung Baby in Berlin.

"MacPhisto is disappearing for a while," Bono said during "Acrobat.""Remember Berlin, whenever you see a journalist being crushed or children being separated from their parents, whenever the lost or the lonely are washed up on borders that are’ll find me." And at the end, he mentioned several politicians: "Where you see those many names, remember this, there's just one face attached to it — it's my face."

In conversation with Ali, Bono mentioned his father: "In the hotel room I looked in the mirror and saw his face, my father's face. He was a showman, too. He loved you. And I finally understand that he loved me."

Before the last song, Bono said: "We've been on the road for quite some time, just going on 40 years, and this last four years have been really something very special for us. We're going away now.""13 (There Is A Light)" was dedicated to Mark Fisher, who designed U2’s tours.

See the full Berlin set list.

From Nov 09, 2018:

U2 Set List: Dublin, Nov. 9, 2018


The third show in U2's hometown was very special. After a few weeks of rehearsal, "Dirty Day" finally made its tour debut in Dublin. The band played this song only ten times, all during the ZOO TV tour, most recently on December 10, 1993, in Tokyo. "Dirty Day" was added to the set list between "Beautiful Day" and "Zoo Station," with new visuals on the screen showing images of the band members when they were young and then adults (innocence to experience), and also of their fathers. Bono talked about growing up in the Troubles and finding their identity. See a short video here.

See the full Dublin 3 set list. If you were at the show, follow the link to share your review and/or photos.

Tomorrow is the final show in Dublin.

From Nov 06, 2018:

U2 Set List: Dublin, Nov. 6, 2018


"Blessed is Dublin because it reimagines itself every day." Second show at home, but no surprises in the set list tonight. "All Because Of You" replaced "Gloria" and it was dedicated to fans who spent the day in the rain.

During "I Will Follow," Bono said: "This is where we live. Tonight this is not work, it’s pure joy." He also told a story about Edge trying to convince Adam to be U2’s manager when the band started because he was so persuasive that he could avoid paying the bus, offering a payment by check.

MacPhisto talked again about the U.S. elections. "Me and Donald … that close! The Big Mac is a special offer to American people with white supreme sauce. Make America Hate Again."

Before "Summer Of Love," Bono called Edge "the most dangerous man. Edge and his brother Dick just wanted to blow up the world and the guitar became his weapon."

Bono shared his love for Ireland during "One," saying he’s proud of all parties. "Very proud of our country. We’re a young nation. The young nation is grown up."

See full Dublin 2 set list.

From Nov 05, 2018:

U2 Set List: Dublin, Nov. 5, 2018


U2 are back home for four shows in Dublin at 3Arena. Expectations are high for the shows in Ireland because fans know they will be very special. "Dirty Day" was rehearsed for several days, and tonight the song appeared in the set list, but the band didn’t play it.

The stage had a different configuration because of 3Arena’s layout. The e-stage was placed in the middle of the screen because the arena is like a theater. And there were no C-stages for Adam and Edge during "Pride."

Bono talked about the elections in the USA: "Let them hear us across the Atlantic. We used to look to them, but now they look to us. We wish for America better things than some Americans seem to wish for themselves."

MacPhisto mentioned the president of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, who was at the show. Also, "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" was dedicated to him. Higgins posted a photo with the band backstage (see here).

At the end of the night, the song "13 (There Is A Light)" was dedicated to Dennis Sheehan’s family; today would have been his birthday.

See full Dublin 1 set list.

From Nov 02, 2018:

U2's 'Pride' Used In New Promo For Amazon's 'The Man In The High Castle'


U2's 1984 hit, "Pride" is being used in a trailer promoting the third season of Amazon Prime's hit show, The Man In The High Castle. It's not actually U2's recording of the song, but a new cover from a European solo singer named Lxandra. You can watch it below.

What's interesting is that the trailer begins by mentioning that this is the first time U2's ever allowed "Pride" to be used in this way:

For the first time ever, U2 has given permission for their hit "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" to be reimagined and recorded for film and TV.

Lxandra's version of "Pride" is also available for purchase or streaming via Amazon Prime Music.

I've only seen the first two episodes of season three, so I don't know if the song is used in the show itself, or just in this promo trailer. (My wife has finished season three and said she doesn't remember hearing "Pride" at any point.) The trailer connects the song's use of resistance -- i.e., "one man he resist" -- to the efforts of the resistance group in the show.

From Nov 02, 2018:

LISTEN: @U2 Podcast #89 - The Sorry, Not Sorry Tour


@U2 staffer Jill is back from seeing a pair of E+I tour shows in Europe, and joins Chris and myself to chat about all the changes from the shows she/we saw in North America. We also talk about some of the recent non-tour U2 news and more.

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@U2 Podcast #89 - The Sorry, Not Sorry Tour

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From Nov 02, 2018:

@U2 Originals: October 2018


In the October edition of @U2 Originals, enjoy a variety of content created exclusively by our staff.

For those in the mood for a chuckle ...

For those who can't get enough of the current tour ...

  • The 1000th Confirmed Performance of Pride (In The Name Of Love) by John Cropp

For those who want to celebrate the anniversary of Rattle And Hum ...

For those in mourning over the loss of Eugene Peterson ...

  • Tribute to Eugene Peterson: Password Entered by Tim Neufeld

Feel free to leave feedback for our team over at the atu2 Forum or directly with the authors/voices featured.

From Oct 28, 2018:

U2 Set Lists: Belfast, Oct. 27-28, 2018


U2 spent the weekend in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The band played two nights with an incredible audience. The first show included "Gloria" in the set list, while tonight’s show brought back "All Because Of You."

Bono recalled about the beginning of U2’s career in 1979, when they played in the city for the first time, and worries about the security service involving Adam Clayton and a bottle of wine.

Bono also talked about solidarity among Irish. "Whatever happens, whether there’s a hard or soft or no border at all, more than ever, we need to trust each other on this small island in the North Atlantic Ocean." He continued: "We must be smart, strategic and work together."

Tonight, MacPhisto did a speech mentioning the presidential election in Brazil. Jair Bolsonaro, a very controversial politician from far-right, was elected today.

See full Belfast 1 set list.

See full Belfast 2 set list.

Next: four shows in Dublin, Nov. 5-6-9-10.

From Oct 27, 2018:

Edge and Adam Appear at 'Rattle And Hum' Anniversary Screening in Dublin


Adam and Edge appeared at a 30th anniversary screening of Rattle And Hum in Dublin on Friday night, surprising 100 subscribers invited to attend the event at the Savoy cinema, where the film had its 1988 world premiere.

According to, Adam joked about the iconic "musical journey" line, and Edge said the band didn’t really know what the documentary was about while filming was underway.

The duo posed for a photo with Sandra O’Donoghue, who was an usher at the premiere in 1988 and is now the theater’s general manager.

(Photo courtesy

From Oct 24, 2018:

U2 Set Lists: London, Oct. 23-24, 2018


The Experience + Innocence Tour made a stop in London for two shows. The set list didn’t change much; the main difference was the band played "Gloria" on Tuesday and "All Because Of You" tonight.

U2 recalled the beginning of their career in London. "It was when it all started," Bono said. "Just yesterday I ended up walking past a basement flat where the band stayed in 1980." He also recalled playing for an audience of 14 people and concluded saying to fans at the O2 Arena: "This is better."

Following Manchester, Bono talked again about Brexit: "No one wants you to leave. And that’s just the truth. For us it’s more than just a gold star falling off a blue flag. It’s a loss of shared dreams, shared strengths. Without you, we are less. Without you, the English, the Scottish, the Welsh, the Northern Irish, we are less."

At the first show, "13 (There Is A Light)" was dedicated to Eugene Peterson, who died Monday. Tonight, "One" was dedicated to Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois and Flood, and "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" to Guy Oseary and his wife Michelle Alves, who are celebrating their first anniversary.

See full London 1 set list.

See full London 2 set list.

Next: two shows in Belfast, on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 27-28.

From Oct 20, 2018:

U2 Set Lists: Manchester, Oct. 19-20, 2018


U2 played two nights in Manchester, U.K., and fans enjoyed great shows with different setlists but no surprises. On Friday, "Gloria" returned to the show as the rotational song, and tonight was the time of "All Because Of You". Also tonight, the band changed the sequence of the first act playing "The Fly" just after "Zoo Station".

A different EU flag was projected during the show because of Brexit (see the photo). "We’ve been touring all across Europe and the resounding message is nobody wants you to leave," Bono said. "I don’t want to break your heart or your balls but the band has been touring Europe. And whatever you think of it, people love you. People love this United Kingdom. For us it’s more than a gold star falling off the flag. Without it the rest of us are just less."

On Friday, the band paid tribute to the victims of Manchester Arena bombing, which happened last year. Bono dedicated "13 (There Is A Light)" to those who lost their lives. "This is a prayer for the safety of your children." Tonight, the song was dedicated to Dennis Seehan’s children who were at the show.

See full Manchester 1 set list.

See full Manchester 2 set list.

Next: London, on Tuesday.

From Oct 19, 2018:

LISTEN: @U2 Podcast #88 - A Nipple-Chafing Celebration of U2's Rattle and Hum


Our celebration of Rattle And Hum's 30th anniversary takes an aural turn as we dedicate our latest podcast to a discussion of both the album and movie. Collin, Chris and myself share our memories, talk about how both have held up today and what Rattle And Hum meant to U2's career. We also have a couple audio contributions from the @U2 crew, and lots of fan contributions via Twitter. This episode runs just under one hour.

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@U2 Podcast #88 - A Nipple Chafing Celebration of U2's Rattle and Hum

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Thanks for listening!

From Oct 18, 2018:

U2 are nominated to Billboard Live Music Awards 2018


Billboard has announced the full list of nominees for the Billboard Live Music Awards, which honor the top tours, festivals, venues, executives and touring artists in music.

U2 are nominated in the "Top Boxscore" category for their four shows at Estádio do Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil, on Oct. 19-25, 2017.

They’re nominated along with Ed Sheeran at Wembley Stadium (four shows), and Taylor Swift at MetLife Stadium (two shows).

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. will host the awards. The event will take place on Nov. 13 at the Montage in Beverly Hills.

From Oct 17, 2018:

Bono presents Q Award to Noel Gallagher


Bono was in London Wednesday night to present Noel Gallagher with a Q Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music. He gave Gallagher one of those patented poetic Bono introductions, which you can hear in the video clip below. Gallagher and Bono have been close mates back to the 1990s; Gallagher and his band, the High Flying Birds, opened 21 shows for U2 on last year's Joshua Tree Tour 2017.

From Oct 16, 2018:

U2 Set List: Milan, Oct. 16, 2018


U2 played its fourth and final show in Milan tonight. "Gloria" returned to the setlist like the rotation song. For the second night in a row, the band included "The Fly" to end the first act. And, "Landlady" was played again at the beginning of the encore. That was its second performance live, and it was offered to U2 members partners: Ali, Morleigh, Ann and Mariana.

Bono mentioned the missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and praised his profession. He called journalists "real heroes" for speaking the truth.

The show was dedicated to Paul Allen, Microsoft co-founder who died yesterday.

See full Milan 4 setlist.

Next: Manchester, UK, on Friday.

From Oct 16, 2018:

Bono & Edge guitars being auctioned by Julien's next month


A pair of Bono's guitars and one from The Edge are up for auction next month at "Icons and Idols," a New York City event being hosted by Julien's Auctions. The auction will include:

  • one of Edge's Gibson Explorers that he's been using since the original Joshua Tree tour in 1987 (pictured above center)
  • one of Bono's autographed Gretsch Irish Falcon guitars that he began using in 2005 (pictured above right)
  • a black Gretsch Falcon guitar that Bono used in concert in 2003 at the Pavarotti & Friends charity concert in Modena, Italy (pictured above left)
  • two autographed photos of Bono

The auction happens on November 10 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square. There are multiple sessions -- the U2 items will be auctioned in the 1:00 pm session. If you're in the area, everything will be on display from November 5-9. Want to bid? You can do that in person on the 10th, or online anytime before then by visiting A portion of the proceeds will benefit Musicares.