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From Jul 14, 2018:

U2's MacPhisto photo filter now available on Facebook

- (Because you really want to freak the you-know-what out of your non-U2 friends.)

U2 fans, wonder no more how you're going to pass the time in between legs of the Experience + Innocence tour.

The band has made available Bono's MacPhisto photo filter -- the same one he used during "Acrobat" during the North American leg this spring/summer -- as part of Facebook's camera effects. You can access it when taking a photo to post to your account and/or when using Facebook Stories.

Here's how to use the MacPhisto filter: In the Facebook app, begin to post a new photo or Story. Make sure the camera is pointing at your face, selfie-style. Before taking the photo, click the effects icon in the lower left corner and then swipe through the available effects until you find the MacPhisto icon. Tap that and bam! -- you're ready to do some legit "Acrobat" karaoke. Here's a visual that might help find the filter:

This is official, by the way; when you tap the MacPhisto icon, a small "By U2" message appears briefly.

As of this typing, the MacPhisto filter is available in Facebook on iOS. We haven't been able to check on Android devices yet. It also doesn't seem to be available yet anywhere inside Instagram, but that could change since Facebook owns Instagram.

From Jul 12, 2018:

U2 release new video for Beck's remix of Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way


The Broken Fingaz Crew created a stop-motion animation for Beck's remix of "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way."

The Israeli graffiti collective has already worked with U2 on the videos for "American Soul" and "Get Out Of Your Own Way."

From Jul 12, 2018:

Achtoon Baby: (U)2 For The Price Of One


As the first leg of the Experience + Innocence tour was coming to an end, Kelly Eddington started working on a tour recap that she planned to paint for Achtoon Baby. And then The Blackout hit: She won a Twitter contest and got to see U2 play the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem -- more material! So rather than ignore one or the other, she's combined both ideas into a double album of sorts. And you get to enjoy them both in the latest edition of Achtoon Baby.

(U)2 For The Price Of One

From Jul 05, 2018:

LISTEN: @U2 Podcast #85 - Bono's Used Up His Words for 2018


Sherry Lawrence, Collin Souter, Mason Merritt, and Chris Enns recap U2’s North American leg of Experience + Innocence, the beach house show with Bono and Edge, and other U2 happenings in June.

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@U2 Podcast #85 – Bono's Used Up His Words for 2018

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Thanks for listening! You can watch this episode below.

From Jul 05, 2018:

@U2 Originals: June 2018


In the June edition of @U2 Originals, you'll find a variety of topics to choose from.

For those who love sports ...

For those who like to dive deeper ...

  • Anxiety, Experience and Finding the Light by Jill Marino

For those who want to catch up on 'extra' shows ...

For those who like to listen in ...

For those who are sentimental ...

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From Jul 04, 2018:

U2 Set List: Uncasville, July 3, 2018

- The first leg of U2's Experience + Innocence tour came to an Tuesday night in the small town of Uncasville, CT -- home of the Mohegan Sun Casino/Arena, which U2 played for the first time. It was a typical first leg setlist -- no final show surprises or anything to report. See the full Uncasville set list here. If you were at the show, use that link to post your review and/or photos for other readers to see. Next up? Summer holidays for U2 and no more shows on tap until the E+I second leg begins on August 31 in Berlin.

From Jul 01, 2018:

U2 Set List: New York City, July 1, 2018

- U2 returned to New York City for the last of three shows at Madison Square Garden. It was a remarkable night. "We played McGonagle’s in Dublin 29 times in our early days," Bono said. "Tonight is the 30th time that we have played at Madison Square Garden. More than any other Hall." Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Prime Minister/Taoiseach was at the show. And also more than 150 ambassadors were guests. Bono is helping Irish government’s campaign to have a seat on the UN Security Council in New York. A lot of celebrities were at the show, such as Bruce Springsteen. "Patti Smith right in front of you," during "Beautiful Day". "One" was dedicated to Michael Stipe, from R.E.M. "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" was dedicated to Salman Rushdie. And the whole show was dedicated to Steve Averill, from AMP Visual. At the beginning of "Vertigo," Bono said: "Any Spanish speakers across the border?" He also talked about the Families Belong Together March and, once again, about the victims of Capital Gazette. During "You’re The Best Thing About Me," Bono talked about how love has changed Adam. He mentioned Adam’s wife, Mariana, and said about his mate: "He used to be such a rock’n’roll animal. Can’t believe he’s changing diapers. He’s really good at it. Love is such a miracle." See full New York City 3 set list. Next: Uncasville on July 3, the final show of North American leg.

From Jun 30, 2018:

Bono & Edge perform at Mix 104.1 Beach House event on Cape Cod


Bono and The Edge performed a six-song set Saturday afternoon in Bourne, MA, on Cape Cod, for a small group of about 200 radio contest winners/friends. The event was part of Boston radio station Mix 104.1's ongoing "Beach House" series, which has featured the likes of John Mayer and Ed Sheeran in the past.

The short set featured the first live performance of "Summer Of Love," a song that the band has been rehearsing in recent days during pre-show soundchecks for the E+I tour.

Here's the full setlist from today's performance.

@U2's Sherry Lawrence was there with a press credential and will have a full report from Cape Cod later tonight.

UPDATE: Here's video of the debut performance of "Summer Of Love." More videos coming soon on our YouTube channel.

From Jun 29, 2018:

U2 Set List: Newark, June 29, 2018

- Friday's concert was the only show of Experience + Innocence Tour in Newark. Bono described New Jersey as "hot as hell." The set list had no surprises. Tonight the band played "All Because Of You" instead of "Gloria". "It’s a wonderful time to be me," said MacPhisto. "Lunatics on the left, lunatics on the right, lunatics of a whole different category putting children into cages." In conversation with Ali, Bono said his wife was not there tonight because she was at Springsteen concert. "It’s Bruce universe, we’re just fireflies in it." During "Pride" Bono said: "If there was a time to be awake in America, it’s right now. In times of trouble it’s always good to look on a preacher of Atlanta." Bono dedicated "One" to the journalists from Capital Gazette. A gunman entered the newsroom yesterday and killed five people in Maryland. "The foundation of our democracy. We need them," he said about the journalism and the reporters. "The world needs more writers to help us understand each other." See full Newark set list. Next: U2 will return to New York on July 1.

From Jun 29, 2018:

Adam Hints on Health Podcast That U2 Won't Tour in 2019


In an interview on The Real Health podcast, Adam Clayton, in between talking about his concert tour fitness regimen, suggests that U2 won’t be touring in 2019.

He told Irish personal trainer Karl Henry, who hosts the podcast in association with

"This is the end of a four-year cycle of work and we really have no plans going into next year. We have got to the point where this is a full stop at the end of this project. We're looking at next year as being a year of regrouping."

And here is an excerpt of Adam talking about how he holds up physically during the tour at age 58 (Note: Do not try to call him on show day):

• "I like to get to the gym in the morning. I try and do at least five days a week, partly because it is nice for my head to actually get out and do something and have those endorphins. During the day [on a show day] I try and stop my head going into practical places… no meetings and phone calls… I need to try and keep myself free so that my flow of energy is there for the show."

From Jun 28, 2018:

Ali Hewson and Bono's Edun Label to Cease U.S. Operations


Edun, the high-end ethical fashion brand founded by Ali Hewson and Bono in 2005 to promote trade in Africa by working with artisans and manufacturers on the continent, is ceasing its U.S. operations.

According to The Business of Fashion, LVMH, a luxury company that manages many brands and first invested in Edun in 2009, is transferring its 49 percent stake in the label back to the founders.

The Business of Fashion said it’s unclear "if or how Edun may be revived in the future."

The label’s 2018 spring/summer 2018 collection is the label's last to be produced. Edun’s only storefront, in Manhattan, closed in May.

In a joint statement, LVMH and Edun said Edun is "restructuring its operations in preparation for its next chapter" and "the founders remain committed to Edun’s mission for sustainable fashion."

(photo by Kristin Lee Moolman for Edun)

From Jun 27, 2018:

New U2 Exhibition Space Coming to Dublin

- A new "visitor and exhibition space" for U2 fans is coming to Dublin on the site of their old studo located at No 15-18 Hanover Quay. The current space will be demolished to build the new three-story complex, which will feature never-before-seen U2 memorabilia and sit beside a new hotel the band's friend Harry Crosbie is constructing. The 'Number 9' hotel will house a restaurant, bar and water views for its guests. Watch this space for demolition/construction updates as they become available.

From Jun 26, 2018:

U2 Set List: New York City, June 26, 2018

- It was the second of three non-consecutive shows at Madison Square Garden, and fans were treated to "Gloria" in the rotating fifth song position. In place of a call to Ali ahead of "You’re The Best Thing About Me," Bono recited lyrics to "Landlady." Before "One," Bono thanked the many journalists stationed in New York City for the important work they’re doing. Notable luminaries at the show tonight included Live Nation’s Art Fogel, Patti Smith, Questlove, Marla Maples, Jeff Koons, Neil Patrick Harris, Helena Christensen, and Marcus Mumford (among others). See the full MSG 2 set list. Next up … June 29 just across the state line in Newark, NJ before returning to MSG on July 1.

From Jun 25, 2018:

U2 Set List: New York City, June 25, 2018

- U2 returned for the first of three Experience + Innocence shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. It’s a venue the band has never skipped on an arena tour since first playing it in 1985. The set featured "All Because Of You" in the rotating fifth song spot. Bono gave a nod to Island Records founder Chris Blackwell during "Beautiful Day," and to Lady Gaga during "Get Out Of Your Own Way" and "One." He also sang a snippet of "Born This Way" at the end of "Vertigo." He acknowledged Jony Ive, "the genius at Apple," during "One." Artist Edel Rodriguez, and his father also attended the show and hung with the band during soundcheck. His imagery adorns the barricage during the pre-show, as well as during "Get Out Of Your Own Way." Another notable at the show was Bishop Michael Curry, the pastor who gave the sermon at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding. The show also saw a return of a lyrical shift during "Pride" to point out the immigration issue facing the U.S. currently: "One boy washed up on a border of a country, one boy never be kissed." See the full MSG 1 set list. Next up? Night two at Madison Square Garden tomorrow.

From Jun 22, 2018:

U2 Set List: Boston, June 22, 2018

- Friday's show was the second night of the Experience + Innocence Tour in Boston. The set list's only variation was swapping out "All Because Of You" in place of "Gloria". The name-check during "Beautiful Day" went to Dr. Gloria Rudisch Minksy. See the full Boston set list. The band has the weekend off to rest up for their first Madison Square Garden show of the tour in NY on Monday.

From Jun 21, 2018:

U2 Set List: Boston, June 21, 2018

- Thursday's show was the first night of the Experience + Innocence Tour in Boston. The set list had no surprises. The name-check during "Beautiful Day" went to New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and his wife, Supermodel Gisele. Bono also called out the many Boston supporters he found for his humanitarian causes, mentioning Jeff Sachs and the Bank of America, specifically. He also celebrated Poet Paul Muldoon by reading one of his poems, Hedgehog, near the end of the show. Muldoon's birthday was yesterday. See the full Boston set list. Up next, another show in Boston tomorrow night.

From Jun 18, 2018:

U2 Set List: Washington, D.C., June 18, 2018

- Monday's show was the second night of the Experience + Innocence Tour in Washington, D.C. U2 performed the usual set list at the Capital One Arena, except "All Because Of You" replaced "Gloria," which was played Sunday. "We’re a band from North Side of Dublin. If you let us in, we’ll never leave," Bono said during "I Will Follow." "Washington Capitals right in front of you," was the shout-out during "Beautiful Day." The show had a lot of political references to U.S. immigration policy. "I especially love people that use the Bible to justify whatever they want," MacPhisto said. "Willful blindness can tear apart a family or a country," he said during "Staring At The Sun." Bono also talked about "dreamers caged at the borders" before "Pride." "This is not America. Who is America? Where is America?" he questioned. And finally, during "City Of Blinding Lights," he said that "the city shining on the hills belongs to everyone." See full Washington D.C. set list. Next: Boston, June 21.

From Jun 15, 2018:

U2 Conference Rewinds Pop In Belfast

- The third installment of the U2 Conference took place in Belfast this week to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Peace Agreement and U2's influence during that era, focusing on the importance of the album Pop. Attendees from around the globe enjoyed hearing from long-time collaborators Catherine Owens, Steve Averill and Shaughn McGrath about the visual aesthetic of the Pop, focusing on the creative process and collaborative nature of it. Plenary addresses by Dr. John Brewer and Dr. Fiona Magowan from Queens University spoke on the cultural shifts after the Peace Agreement, as well as how music can end conflict. In an emotional session, Andy Rowen joined author Steve Stockman in a discussion on the power of songs to change a life. Rowan is the inspiration behind "Bad" and "Raised By Wolves." Attendees were treated to two dozen presentations on a variety of topics aroud the conference theme of "Popvision." The conference's website will be updated in the next few weeks with conference papers and a recap.

From Jun 14, 2018:

U2 Set List: Philadelphia, June 14, 2018

- The Experience + Innocence tour resumed Thursday with U2 playing the second of two shows in Philadelphia. "All Because Of You" took the spot of "Gloria"— otherwise the set list remained the same as the show last night. In Bono's "chat with Ali" before "You're The Best Thing About Me" he mentions that many in the U2 family went sightseeing in Philadelphia and Adam Clayton went up the Rocky steps. Here's the full Philadelphia 2 set list. If you were at the show, please use that link to share your review and photos with other @U2 readers. Next up? Washington, D.C. on June 17.

From Jun 14, 2018:

LISTEN: @U2 Podcast #84 - Edge's Calves Probably Aren't Hurting Like This Today


Chris reviews U2's two-show stop in Montreal, Tassoula covers U2 at The Apollo, and Matt tries (unsuccessfully) to get a word in between.

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@U2 Podcast #84 – Edge's Calves Probably Aren't Hurting Like This Today

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